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Looking for a new home?  
You have the right to be represented in the purchase of real estate.

A buyer's agent  will work exclusively for you. Your agent will negotiate the best price and terms for you. 
And it cost you nothing, because it is one of your rights in a real estate transaction.

Role and responsibility of a Buyer's Real Estate Agent:

* Educates you about your local  market and the buying process. 

* Analyzes your real estate needs to find the perfect home for you. 

* Guides you to homes that fit your criteria. 

* Coordinates the work of other professionals, such as inspectors and mortgage appraisers. 

* Negotiates on your behalf to get the best price and terms for you. 

* Solves any problems that may arise, making the process of home buying as easy and enjoyable        as possible.
* Orients you to your new community and provides information on providers and local resources.

TIPS for Buying a Home

1. Get Pre-Qualified for a Mortgage
This will not only help you know how much home you can buy, but will also improve your chances of having your offer accepted.

Do NOT apply for any other loans until after you close on the home.  Each time you apply for credit it lowers your credit score. The lender will run a credit report again just before closing to insure that nothing has changed. You should wait till after the closing before buying new furniture or any other items for you new home.

2. Get a Home Inspection
After you have written the offer and it has been accepted, you will hire a professional home inspector to look at the home. Normally you have 10 days to do this. This will help you know if there are any serious repairs that are needed. Your Agent can provide you will a list of local inspectors.

3. Consider a Home Warranty
A Home Warranty is a home service contract, normally for one year, that covers the repair and/or replacement costs of home appliances, major systems such as heating and cooling, and possibly other components of a home,  It does not take the place of Homeowners Insurance. Coverage varies from company to company
Buying a Home

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